Our wedding.

3 week ago tomorrow we got married in Kirke Værløse Kirke.

Ubberup high Thx to www.lassebaltzer.dk

It was 2 busy weeks upto the wedding, Carolien was the wedding planer ;) and was on top of it. But soooo many things to remember and last minute details. So when i stepped in the church at 1145 it had already been a long day. But little after little the church filled with friends and family and all people with smiles on, some time before a gentleman told me that weddings are the days of joy where all people are happy. And so it was.

2 days earlier i stood in Copenhagen airport, with a big sign where i wrote ” Goatrider ” on in BIG letters, to pick up our online friend from Belfast; Billy A.K.A Palerider. Also Sanne A.K.A Poison and my bestman Kevin A.K.A X-man are a big part of our past and also a part of our present. As Carolien A.K.A Lientje and I meet online in Soldier of fortune some years ago, me fraggin’ the shit out of them and them admirering me ;) I dont think any of us would have predicted where Carolien and I would be so many years later and for the first time to meet up with out clan buddies IRL.

The Clan ;)

All of that I had time to think about (while most UK peepz were staring strangely at my sign ;) there in the airport before meeting Billy for the first time. As it turned out, they are all what they give out to be online; good honest people and Carolien and I are very happy that they decided to spend time and money to come to our wedding.

I must say that we are incredibly gratefull to all of our friends and family, that helped us out with our wedding, with everything and made it economically possible to have a wedding of this graditute.

Back to the church…:)

I was talking to my bestman and when we turned around the church was allmost full. I’m not a man that gets stressed easily, but I began to feel the pressure, combined with the heat of 150 people in a small church ;) hot hot hot.

Best man and me before the party. Thx to www.lassebaltzer.dk

And so was my wife to be, when she entered with her dad. I was so proud that I was the man she chose and also very happy with my choise. Comming up the ile she seamed to become more and more pretty each step she took. It touched my heart to see her as happy as she did and proud of all we accomplished.

Mrs. Stuhr and her dad (Theo) Thx to www.lassebaltzer.dk

The prist started his thing ;) and we sang a few songs, he started a speech which we are both very surprised about he mangede to put together - well done preacher man well done … He managed to get Greek mythology into cyberspace with Amor hacking into to the weapon arsenal to shoot little bullets of love ;) very good speech.

Right before the last song some noise was detected when all the bike people “silently moved outside” we kneeled and got our blessing and Man and Wife we were.

Mr. And Mrs. Stuhr Thx to www.lassebaltzer.dk

We moved out to stop in the weapon house to let all the guests pass us, so they could throw rice at us outside, when we found out why bike people (www.teamhustler.dk) went out - they made a honorariy gate outside with bike wheels. Very nice boys and girls and good excercise cause it took a good while before all the people past. Finally the last one past and we went out to get slammed with rice (I’m sure someone had their own 5 kg bag with them). There was also loads of photografers to capture the moment which we are gratefull for.

Big thx to all the Hustlers was great guys. Thx to www.lassebaltzer.dk

Also my photofriend www.lassebaltzer.dk came by to make our wedding pictures - big thx to him for all his work. At the end of the road our driver was waiting (also a bike guy Per Olsson) and after a few pictures inside and outside the church, we went of to get the traditional pictures taken, on some locations we already found and 45 mins later we arrived at the reception.

Per’s wedding car. Thx to www.lassebaltzer.dk

Delcia and Morten whom we owe so much for there help, had been hard at work to make food and sweet things for the reception - must have been very good cause most was gone when we arrived ;) There was also a very big table with gifts on, must say people give big gifts these days. After a very nice speech from Hanne, I tried to mingle as much as possible and talk a minimum with people, but it turned out to be hard, there were so many friends, but I hope I spoke to everybody ( sorry if I didn’t ).

All the wedding guest. Thx to www.lassebaltzer.dk

After the reception it was time to leave for the actual wedding party, which was located nearby. When I arrived I noticed the very cool ice sculptures made by Morten www.moffeice.dk and right after that I had to help getting people in to sign the guest book and geting their picture taken by our top of the line photografer www.lassebaltzer.dk . When we where all done, it was time to be seated and start eating. The menu was made by Morten and Delcia from a-z and was gourmet all the way. It showed how much time and effort they put into it. . . .

Our toastmaster Dan rose to the ocation and started presenting the different speakers. I wont go into details but they were all execelent and well thought of.

For those of you who are not used to danish wedding custums, 1 of them is to bang the table and then the bride and groom have to kiss, when the guests stamp the floor the bride and groom have to kiss under the table. This happend a lot of times (as it should), but due to me forgetting to eat we only kissed 1 time under the table ;) After some food I was fit for fight again. Another danish tradition is that when either the groom or bride lives the room either the men or women get to kiss the one thats still there, so we decide to leave together ;) cause she wasn’t able to relieve herself alone with that big dresh on. People was not to happy about this ( mostly the ladies which I’m sure had their eyes on me ;) so we agreed that she went into the room alone again to sillence them guys hehe. I stayed out of the room long enough so they could make it around 2 times.

After dinner it became time for the incredible wedding cake made by the world renowed Delicia P. and it was so pretty and all we could have ever wished for. Unfortunatly it was huge so people weren’t able to eat it all - eventhough all did their best ;(

Right after the cake i sneaked outside with Carolien’s dad Theo, since I’m not able to ty a tie by my self ;) he helped me switch to a cheap tie and socks with toes in hehe. This leads us to another Danish tradition; during the wedding dance the guys surround the groom and cut of the tie and socks. The surprise was big over the socks with toes in, as I didn’t tell anyone  hehe.

We made it true our wedding dance with no toe injurie ( carolien’s  toe’s ) after that the party was free of traditions and it was party time. Carolien and i decide to help cleaning up the mess before we left that took a while but finally we where home at around 0400 in the morning. Very very very tired but also very happy after the best day of our lives and at the treshold of a new start we decide to call i the day.

After what felt like not that many houers of sleep it was time to get back in buissnes and drive some of carolien’s familie to the airport. A lot of dutch words later ( maybee a few tears;) we returned to the rest of the program ;) I made dinner for the remaining guest mainly clan pepz and carolien’s aunt, we made a danish dish of the left over meat and potatis from the wedding “biksemad” and it was nice. After dinner we descided to take a channeltour the next day all of us except Kevin that had to work ;)

Conclusion to all this is for my part.

Best day of my life with all my friends and family to celebrete it with us and the wife i want to be with.

In short life dosent get better.

Thx to all the people that made it all posible and we will c u out there.

Ps. here is a few of the traditional shoots

Big thx to www.lassebaltzer.dk

Let som en fjer ;) (light as a feather )

10 kommentarer til “Our wedding.”

  1. Televinken siger:

    Congratz to “The Stuhr´s” from Televinken. Looked like a beautiful wedding. Also fun to see the old DK-members hehe, long time no see.

  2. Charlotte vM siger:

    Sikken en dag! Hvor er jeg glad for at alting lykkedes og at I havde det helt uforglemmeligt!:o)

  3. J-Lo siger:

    Igen tillykke, og tak fordi jeg måtte være med ;)

  4. Tusindsmil siger:

    Tillykke, tillykke!
    Flotte billeder, smukke mennesker og ikke mindst respekt til Hustlerne. Det er en cool aeres-vagt (hedder det ikke det)..?

    Igen stort tillykke. Jakkesaettet sidder da lige som det skal!

    Hilsen fra Milka-land

  5. Hanne siger:

    Igen et stort tillykke . Jeg føler mig så heldig, at jeg måtte dele dagen med jer. :)


  6. Tommy Hass siger:

    Mere lykke.
    Fede billeder, og det lyder til det var en god dag. Selv efter de fleste hustlere dampede af ;-)

  7. Lammert siger:

    Hi Jannik and Carolien,

    what a wonderful story you wrote :). It was just like I was back again at the weddingday. I said it before, tx for being married with eachother cause you deserve it. I’m proud to have you as my stephson in law and Carolien as my stephdaughter.

    Love and hugs
    Lammert aka meneertje stiefpaps

  8. Els siger:

    Hi Jannik,

    You did a fine job. Also very nice to see pictures and words come together to show us all the day again. I agree with you that it was a superday. It was your wedding but I too felt honoured, welcomed and loved. It was so good for me as a mom to see the two of you shining between all those loving family and friends. It was really a day to warm the heart and you kept that feeling perfectly in your blog.

    Was smiling while reading.
    Thank you for that
    Love and hugs
    mom Els

  9. Carolien siger:

    Thanks all.
    As Jannik wrote, we had a great day with lots of happy people :)
    We enjoyed it to the max, thanks to all of you.
    And yes, we are still HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY :))

    Greetz Carolien / Lientje

  10. Marianne siger:

    Mooie foto’s broertje, hehe.
    God you made me cry…. She is very beautifull. That is soooooooooo romantic what you wrote. My sister, your wife…. Wish I could have married her, haha.
    Big kisses and hugg, your sister in law.

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